My Trip to Bali

“Promise yourself, that one day you will wake up in Bali”


After a great week in Thailand with the best travel crew ever I caught my flight to Singapore, meeting my brother there to travel on to Bali.

We arrived in Denpasar in the evening where we already booked our first Airbnb. So we just went out to grab some dinner at catch up. My brother lives in Singapore since April 2016 now. He came back for Christmas that year and I have also had the chance to see him again in May 2017 when he visited for 2 weeks.

The first day we slept in and got some breakfast at the hotel.

We then decided to take a cab to Mount Batur, to do a tracking tour there to see the sun rise the next morning. Mount Batur is a still active Vulcan. Well… plans did not really work out all that great when we arrived there and it was raining like crazy. I actually had to put on long pants and a jacket! We totally forgot to check the weather first and it was supposed to rain for the next couple of days.

img_6086(the white is actually fog, not a wall :D)

Since we couldn’t do the tracking tour like this we decided to drive back to Kuta and spend a couple of days there. The first days we just kind of walked around exploring the city and enjoying the free time. One day we went to the beach and tried to surf. Well my brother did great and I just kind of tried to survive. I actually handled to stay on the board once, but we did not get a picture of that.

The best part to travel around the island is definitely to rent a scooter. We actually both did not have an international driver license and also forgot our normal German one but they do not really care when they rent it to you. The police, on the other hand those. But only because they know they can get money from you. So we got in trouble twice on one day. Once they just simply stopped everyone looking like a tourist and checked the licenses. And second: well we did not stop at a red light. Yeah not too smart of us. And since we really look foreign they stopped us, of course and made some extra money again, telling us otherwise we would have to go to court – yeah right :D.

So we went to the Tegenungan Waterfall with the scooter. One thing you need to be aware of is, that everywhere you go, there are a million of tourists. But the places still are amazing.

The other scooter trip was to the Dreamland beach, and then afterwards to some cliffs where you could watch the surfers from the hill.

The last few days we decided to spend in Ubud. This place is really getting a lot of attention lately. There are a lot of Yoga places opening up and they totally support the “healthy life-style” there. You can get great superfood there! Arriving there we went to the monkey forest and tried to feed the monkeys there. The actually really jump on you, using you as their tree!

And then of course the rice terraces! Sadly they just harvest the rice so it was not as green and colorful as you see on most pictures, but anyways this is something you really need to check out. You can walk around there for hours finding a new terrace after the other. We decided to walk way back where no other tourists went to and really enjoyed the quite there.


The next day we rented a scooter again and drove to the Bali Swings. My brother was not really into this but I really wanted to do it. It’s a place in the jungle of Bali where you can swing above it. The three swings are simply huge and it gives you a weird feeling in the tummy trying in. Paying 20 $USD for it, is pretty expensive for Indonesia but of course all the girls want their perfect Instagram picture, and it was great fun.

After spending the last evening at the beach in Kuta watching the sunset we did some souvenir shopping and relaxing for our last day of a one week trip.

All in all Bali was a great experience for sure! The local people are super nice and sweet and we had a great time there. I did not like the many tourists there. For the next trip to Bali I would definitely make sure to get out of those areas more and see “the-real-life”. But for the first time there it was epic! Sadly we did not have enough time to go to Lombok, but I will make sure to explore that another time.


And then we went off to see Singapore. Read more about my time there in this post: My trip to Singapore

My first week I spent in Thailand, check my adventures out here: My trip to Thailand



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