My Trip to Singapore


Singapore for me was the least exciting place of the three I visited along that trip (Thailand, Bali, Singapore). But not because it is a boring state / city, no not at all. Just because it is pretty close to the places I have been to before. It just is really Western.

The coolest part about being there was definitely to see how my brother lives. I got to sleep at his apartment, meet his work colleagues, see where he shops for his groceries and just in general where he lives for over a year now.

First of all, I believe I have never seen a city this clean! It’s just amazing how you can not find trash anywhere. But that comes along with a lot of rules and money you have to pay if you do not follow. I caught myself not knowing if I am even allowed to eat my sandwich in public.

The MRT (public transport like metro) is just amazing there. Every 4-5 minutes there will be a new train arriving bringing you to your destination. And it all works perfectly.

So being there for a week, I of course went to all the typical touristic places. For example: Marina Bay Sands. I even just went there one day to chill around and read my book.

One time we went there at night and took the elevator up to the visitor deck to see the Skyline of Singapore, which was really breathtaking. And we could also see the gardens by the bay trees. For 20 $ USD you can do either do that, or go to the bar and have to spend the money there.

I also went to see Chinatown and the Arabic quarter. Both of it is really nice to look at and at the Arabic quarter there are a lot of great little coffee shops and stores.

The weekend I then spent with my brother at the Botanic Garden and in the Zoo. I got to admit I am not much of a Zoo person, seeing wild animals in their caves. But the Singapore Zoo is really huge and the animals have a really big area to live in. Of course this still is not their normal life!


All in all I had a great time in Singapore, and trust me the shopping there is amazing. But please be prepared for two points:

  1. It is unbelievable hot there! And not just hot it’s so humid! You start sweating just by standing around.
  2. It is expensive. Compared to all the other Asian countries it is crazy expensive. To be honest, the other countries are super super cheap for us but still. For me living at the boarder to Switzerland and having this comparison. I would say Singapore can easily keep up with Switzerland.



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